Going to Memphis


So as everyone knows the University of Dayton was ballin out and made it to the elite 8… Which is awesome. We only found out that they won on Thursday and Friday we decided to make the 8 hour drive to Memphis. That did not leave much time for packing! Now that summer is fast approaching I am anticipating several short weekends away. Here are my last minute travel tips:

  1. Don’t stress about missing to pack something. Worse things worse… If you forget something you can always go out and get it. (socks, toothpaste…)A lot of times hotels have the little things that you need. (One time Robert, visited me while I was on a business trip and forgot pants. Who forgets to pack pants?!?)
  2. Remember the essentials…. medicine, phone, phone charger, bathroom stuff, clothes… Pack for the weather of where you are going.
  3. But don’t overpack.. You are literally only going to be away for a short amount of time don’t be silly.
  4. Get cash. I NEVER EVER EVER have cash. But when I travel I always take cash with me… because some places don’t take cards… (parking) Its not worth the ATM fee. Take 5 minutes to get some cash locally.
  5. Most importantly set a realistic budget for yourself and do your best to stick to it. I am not a stingy person by any means and you should have fun on your vacation but theres no reason to go crazy and not be able to eat the next week. One of the sites I used to help generate the cost was http://www.gasbuddy.com/Trip_Calculator.aspx. In the website you enter the make/model info about your car as well as your trip length and it will generate the cost of the trip.
  6.  Get yourself healthy goodies to snack on along the trip. I really like the small peppers, carrots, pretzels, bottled water….. This is a major cost saver. Gas stations really jack the prices up and its healthier than going through McDonalds
  7. Set realistic travel goals for you and your travel companions. Nothing is worse than being miles away from home at 4AM and all of the hotels for the next 3 hours being booked.


What are your last minute travel tips? Have you ever forgotten something funny on a trip?


Sensory Deprivation Tank yay or nay?!?


I like to think of myself as pretty outgoing and adventurous. This past week I found a Groupon for a Sensory Deprivation Tank. I thought it sounded pretty interesting and since my job has been so stressful lately, I figured I would try it out. I bought the Groupon and surprised my boy with a appointment this past Tuesday.

The picture above (not mine I found it on google) pretty much shows what its all about. How it works: you get inside this coffin like contraption thats filled with about 10″ of water and epson salt and just float. Theres a door on the top that you are supposed to close and you can’t see anything. The whole point of the experience is to remove all of your senses (sight, touch, smell…) and bring you back to like when you are in your mothers womb.

This was a major nay for me for many reasons. First of all it was really scary getting in the tank. Theres not much to hold on inside and you can’t really see whats in there. When you are inside you have to close the door on yourself. Its actually semi heavy to lift once your inside because theres nothing really to hold onto. I really freaked myself out and left the lid open and it made the water really cold. I actually ended up stressing myself out more than I relaxed myself.

Overall Sensory Deprivation Tank is a major NAY for me. But hey, nothing wrong with trying something once right?