Cruise Life Day 5- Grand Bahama Island




Today was the best day ever!! We went with a group of friends to Dead Man’s Reef. We snorkeled. It was amazing! We got to see 2 sea turtles, several beautiful fish, & coral. This was absolutely the best day! We also went to a local restaurant and got free wifi!




***Tip of the day ***

Dealing with the taxi drivers & business owners can be a daunting task annoying. Especially when you feel like they are cheating you left and right. DONT LET THEM GET YOU DOWN, you’re on vacation have fun!¬†IMG_7217


Cruise Life Day 3- Nassau (2nd day)


Our second day in Nassau we went out with our new cruise friends to Cable Beach. It was absolutely peaceful. It was nice to go with friends. Rob and I did a jet ski ride. It was a lot of fun. I really liked that the local people left us alone for the most part. It was a great day!


We got in the routine of getting drinks by the pool bar and then having dinner with our new friends.


The evening was hilarious. We participated in an ‘adult’ game night. It was really pretty funny. The tasks ranged from finding a ‘pair of twins’ to showing a ‘thong’ and ‘making a human pyramid’. The funniest part of the night was when we dressed the men up in women’s clothes and they did a fashion show.


We had a swan towel animal waiting for us today! I want a lesson of how to do this! I have to give the housekeeping staff a shoutout. It was so nice coming home to a clean room every evening.

***Tip of the day***

It gets cold at night bring a sweater!

Cruise Life Day 2 – Nassau


The second day we were in Nassau. I did a lot of research on the area about where to go. I found that Cable Beach was the best area to go. When we got off the boat we went to the area to catch a cab. The cab driver convinced us that cable beach was no good and that cabbage beach was the way to go. The car ride was similar to a rollarcoaster. I was scared for my life, literally. When we arrived at the beach we knew immediately¬†that we were deceived. Several locals crowed around our car trying to get us to do a variety of activities including: parasaling, jet skiing, use of beach chairs, …. (the list goes on). We got conned into purchasing drinks out of a coconut. This was literally the stupidest idea ever because they took Hawaiian punch, a bottle full of alcohol, and ice. It was the grosses drink ever and totally unsafe.

We got a puppy towel animal?!




***Tip of the day***

Learn about the area you are going to. Stink to your guns about where you want to go. There are so many taxi drivers so if one doesn’t want to take you to were you want to go find another driver. Travel with a group of people.

Cruise Life Day 1- Cococay


The first day of our cruise we went to Cococay, Bahamas. It was a beautiful & relaxing beach day. We had fun doing Bahama line dancing! The island is owned by the cruise company so the food was included. Our favorite drink was the Cocoloco! So yummy.




Also this is considered a ‘wet dock’ this means that the ship stops and you get on a smaller ship to take you to the land. To be honest this is not particularly safe.







We got to see some wildlife on Cococay!





IMG_7111Cute shots of us!IMG_7036


One of our favorite parts was coming home to these cute towel animals! Today was a bunny?


We had dinner back on the ship. One of the nice things is that you can order what ever you like and if you don’t like it you can order something else. The only annoying thing is that the cruise really nickel and dimes you with everything. (We later decided to purchase the drink package).






We landed yesterday and were exhausted. My favorite way to travel is having the flight overnight and arriving in the morning. When you do this you don’t lose the day tired. We ended up having a low key night doing putput. We found a cheep Groupon and went close to closing. !It cost 12 dollars for both of us. (Cheep date night!!!)It was really relaxing because we were the only people at the course. I ended up losing by 1 point!



We didn’t have much of a plan for today. We saw several ballons with signs saying “$30 for tickets to Orlando studios”. We found out that this is a scam. These companies make you watch a 2 hour video about timeshares before they give you the tickets. We opted out of this. Instead we went to a botanical garden. It was absolutely beautiful. image


We also had an amazing lunch at a Greek resturant through groupon. We ate at Hubbly Bubbly. It was Greek food in a Chipole resturant style.

After lunch we went to get my nails done. I think it’s so important when you wear open toe shoes to have your nails done.

Next we found another groupon for a massage. We went to Spring Spa Massage and Bodywork. It cost about 30$ each. This was much better than the cruise rate of 200$ for 40 minutes. The massage was not a “relaxing” massage. Note for next massage make sure you check out the kind of massage your getting. It was nice to get a massage after flying and having a stiff neck.

We went out to downtown Orlando to walk around and dinner. We first stopped at a resturant called Scratch. It had high reviews on yelp. The atmosphere was super cool and the menu changed daily. We did not eat dinner here though because the options were really wierd like chicken liver, no thank you!!! We had dinner at 310 Park South. It was delicious! The Greek salad was to die for. This is a picture of Orange Street (the Main Street through downtown). We also got to see a couple get engaged to super romantic live jazz music.


Off we go!!

imageRobbie and I are so excited to be going on our first cruise together! Our flight was at 7am (ugh too early). Thankful for papa T who dropped us off bright and early. This picture is a very tired (but excited) Lex and Rob.

More updates to follow!