Cruise Life Day 1- Cococay


The first day of our cruise we went to Cococay, Bahamas. It was a beautiful & relaxing beach day. We had fun doing Bahama line dancing! The island is owned by the cruise company so the food was included. Our favorite drink was the Cocoloco! So yummy.




Also this is considered a ‘wet dock’ this means that the ship stops and you get on a smaller ship to take you to the land. To be honest this is not particularly safe.







We got to see some wildlife on Cococay!





IMG_7111Cute shots of us!IMG_7036


One of our favorite parts was coming home to these cute towel animals! Today was a bunny?


We had dinner back on the ship. One of the nice things is that you can order what ever you like and if you don’t like it you can order something else. The only annoying thing is that the cruise really nickel and dimes you with everything. (We later decided to purchase the drink package).






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