Cruise Life Day 2 – Nassau


The second day we were in Nassau. I did a lot of research on the area about where to go. I found that Cable Beach was the best area to go. When we got off the boat we went to the area to catch a cab. The cab driver convinced us that cable beach was no good and that cabbage beach was the way to go. The car ride was similar to a rollarcoaster. I was scared for my life, literally. When we arrived at the beach we knew immediately¬†that we were deceived. Several locals crowed around our car trying to get us to do a variety of activities including: parasaling, jet skiing, use of beach chairs, …. (the list goes on). We got conned into purchasing drinks out of a coconut. This was literally the stupidest idea ever because they took Hawaiian punch, a bottle full of alcohol, and ice. It was the grosses drink ever and totally unsafe.

We got a puppy towel animal?!




***Tip of the day***

Learn about the area you are going to. Stink to your guns about where you want to go. There are so many taxi drivers so if one doesn’t want to take you to were you want to go find another driver. Travel with a group of people.


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