Cruise Life Day 3- Nassau (2nd day)


Our second day in Nassau we went out with our new cruise friends to Cable Beach. It was absolutely peaceful. It was nice to go with friends. Rob and I did a jet ski ride. It was a lot of fun. I really liked that the local people left us alone for the most part. It was a great day!


We got in the routine of getting drinks by the pool bar and then having dinner with our new friends.


The evening was hilarious. We participated in an ‘adult’ game night. It was really pretty funny. The tasks ranged from finding a ‘pair of twins’ to showing a ‘thong’ and ‘making a human pyramid’. The funniest part of the night was when we dressed the men up in women’s clothes and they did a fashion show.


We had a swan towel animal waiting for us today! I want a lesson of how to do this! I have to give the housekeeping staff a shoutout. It was so nice coming home to a clean room every evening.

***Tip of the day***

It gets cold at night bring a sweater!


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